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Cutaneous Pathology

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Why Cutaneous Pathology?

A person's life can hang on a diagnosis, and it is, understandably, a period of anxious waiting for the patient and the family until a diagnosis is determined with certainty.  The implications of a diagnosis are profound; whether a lesion is interpreted as melanocytic nevus or melanoma really matters.  Whether one's "rash" is a contact reaction or mycosis fungoides (a type of malignant lymphoma that can mimic a rash) has real implications for the patient.  When we evaluate every biopsy we consider it of the same importance as if it were our family member.  The diagnosis is our principal role as diagnostic dermatopathologists.

Fast Results - Quick turnaround allows you to expedite patient treatment.

Accuracy - Our pathologists are nationally and internationally known specialists in their field with more than 50 years combined experience. They are highly qualified to recognize common and rare diseases of the skin with superior diagnostic skills that set the precedent in cutaneous pathology.

Extensive Insurance Coverage - We accept all insurance.  Our Pathologists are preferred providers for virtually all insurance carriers. 

Technology - Our reports can be viewed and printed online, faxed, delivered via courier or directly into your EMR.  Our reporting incorporates clinical-pathological correlation or literature references when pertinent.  Consecutive patient biopsies are assigned to the same  dermatopathologist to guarantee continuity of care.  The patient’s previous biopsies are pulled from the system at the time of the case sign out which offers a privileged overview of previous patient care. 




  ●   We are actively involved in the continuous training of fellows, residents and students in dermatology and pathology.

●   Dr. Hurt was elected as the President of the American Society of Dermatopathology.

Combined our pathologists have authored more than 160 articles and over 15 chapters of major textbooks.

●   Dr. Hurt, in collaboration with Dr. Walsh, have been the first to describe and publish over 40 new disease entities or variants, including new forms of cancer that have had tremendous impact on the lives of patients.